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    One More Chance Game

    One More Chance Game One More Chance / Stay With Me Songtext

    wetternmagasinet.se Mit etwas Verspätung haben die Kalifornier dann doch noch die obligatorischen Patch Notes für WoW veröff. 2D platform game without ads, without any payment get fun. Mehr anzeigen. One More Chance Tags. Arcade. Add Tags. By adding tag words. Anschauen "One More Chance" und mehr Musikvideos von The Notorious B.I.G. bei MTV Germany. Spit Your Game (feat. Twista, Krazy Bone, 8Ball, MJG. One More Chance (Vinyl, LP, Compilation) Plattencover · Mehr Bilder B2, –​Jack the Lad, One More Dance. Written-By B5, –String Driven Thing, It's A Game. One more game. One more chance. We've been here before.

    One More Chance Game

    2D platform game without ads, without any payment get fun. Mehr anzeigen. One More Chance Tags. Arcade. Add Tags. By adding tag words. One more chance - After you: wetternmagasinet.se: Musik. Produktbeschreibungen. Diana Ross - One More Chance - 7 Inch Vinyl (45). wetternmagasinet.se Mit etwas Verspätung haben die Kalifornier dann doch noch die obligatorischen Patch Notes für WoW veröff. Small Hatter labels. Wherewithal Written-By — Clifford T. Great album - see if you can pick one up cheap and then chill out with some '70s Gambling In Sports greats! Quiz Online Chip.De Song kommt von Passenger? To change your preferred language, please choose a language using the dropdown. Über uns Presse Werbung Jobs Kontakt. Mehr Bilder. Land Jahr.

    Reactions: Konstantinus. BrokenRose said:. I mean, look at these: Doesn't sound like:. Reactions: Lucifer84 and Vegeta. Joystix said:.

    Did you not read the description? Apr 20, 23 5. All I've read is part of the title and thought, "Wait I know that game from somewhere".

    Robert Johannesson Active Member. Sep 23, 1, In the past we have made separate threads for standalone Xmas editions, so I figure this would be the same as it is complete rather than an update to the regular story.

    Claudio83 Well-Known Member. Sep 22, 1, 1, ThunderRob Devoted Member. May 10, 9, 24, Jun 10, To be honest, I haven't had a chance to play it yet as I was too busy making a new thread, a banner, compressing it and uploading.

    But thanks for your understanding I will get right on it. Will he spend time with his family, work on a cure or go nuts?

    I was drinking some water while playing this game and I think some of it came out through my eyeballs. Is this normal?

    One Chance Share Collapse. Notice: Many browsers are beginning to disable or hide the Adobe Flash plugin, in preparation for its end-of-life in December If you are experiencing problems playing Flash content, please consider installing our official Newgrounds Player to continue enjoying this content indefinitely.

    Launch in Newgrounds Player. Author Comments. Arrow keys to control. Space Bar to interact. One Chance is a game about choices and dealing with them.

    Newgrounds accounts are free and registered users see fewer ads! Sort By: Date Score. The way I interpreted it, though, was that my daughter died as I entered the office on the last day, I saved myself, and then I sat with her corpse in the park, knowing I was the last man on Earth.

    My success only allowed me to more clearly see my failure. Visiting back the page made me feel weird because they were still sitting there.

    Artistic expression or not, the fact that you can't replay it without a workaround agitates me. I understand where it's like "if this were real life, this would be your punishment for not making the right choices work, work, work.

    With different endings. It's completely unfair to sit here and just take what we got in a computer game. Actually, "one chance" does refer to saving the world.

    And you bastards will have to pry this game out of my cold dead hands before I put a replay feature in. So in other words the very premise is a lie, as you never have the chance to do that.

    Something about that annoys me. I got the good ending, and John seems to be the last person on Earth. He probably carried molly to the park and sat there with her.

    They disappeared after u refresh. Did John bury her or did they both die or something? If I was in a situation like this, I would spend time with my family.

    As it would be the last i'd see of them :'. I skipped work the first day and then stayed home whenever possible, attempting to stop my wife from committing suicide.

    At one point my only option was to go to work where I encountered Jim who tried to kill me. I went straight home to find both my wife and Molly in pools of blood and Jim hanging from a noose in the bedroom.

    This game never loads completely. Try emptying your browser cache and reload. Your initial download must have been corrupted somehow.

    Then it must be something else that's interfering with the loading. Try updating your Flash Player, and disable any browser extensions you have. What browser, OS, and Flash Player versions are you using?

    I'll try to reproduce the issue myself if I can. Have you tried a different browser? Internet Explorer worked, but had a long loading time.

    It must be Firefox. I couldn't play even on other sites. On the last day, you move slowly and you look grey. So does Molly. But after the cure, your skin looks normal.

    In the park, Molly also looks normal now. Go to work and be with woman. She takes Molly to her mother's house.

    Well that was I got a bad ending. Honestly, the "only play once" gimmick seems like a terrible idea to me. Are there movies that you can only watch once?

    Books you can only read once? Also, this completely broke the immersion for me, so I on the other hand dig the idea. In life quite often mistakes cannot be unmade, choices cannot be unchosen.

    If there's a game you only get to play once the experience of playing it suddenly becomes pressing, stressful, strangely important.

    I think it's fascinating. Dunno why I one would want to simulate what we try to escape? Also it is hard to define what a game is. One thing that is game in a stricter sense - is that you get a seperated time and space where you actions do not interfer greatly with your life - where you can experiment.

    About this game, you create a universe, you provide mechanics which conceal a message. You give the user a chance play with your universe.

    The game's premise: save yo kid, save yo wife, and save the world 'cuz it's killing everybody out there?

    I liked this game, though I wish there could have been Even one where you managed to save everyone or at least more people would have been cool.

    I admit that I cheat, but do recall getting the "good" ending first spin-I guess I'm a workaholic.

    While the Newgrounds description somewhere above this post suggests that the one chance is to save the world, as an art game and as it appears on this site, it is intentionally vague on the specifics of meaning, so your mind inserts its own thoughts into the depicted actions, and then reinterprets the output as inferred meaning, and as such the game almost functions as a targetted mirror, by making you self-analyze your thoughts in a context outside of your normal parameters.

    Indeed, the family disappearing in certain cases seems to suggest that the author didn't fully plan the choice tree for people who don't polarize to work, fun, or family under the circumstances, but it can still provide an interesting chance to think on the implications in relation to reality, where you can't cheat around life with technological trickery alone.

    Art isn't truly art if it isn't capable of passively drawing thought or emotion into the psyche, and this is what this game does.

    The big kicker is that not everyone will partake in the same level and depth of analysis as others. Remember when everyday starts the game always say,"In X days, every single living cell on Planet Earth will be dead.

    What does that mean? Does it the world cannot be saved regardless of what you do during the final day? I played this game on newgrounds, failed.

    I decided to work every single day except for the final day. I figured I had missed something and vowed to spend that final day with my daughter..

    We went to the park, sat down, and soon died.. There is a gaping plot hole in that somehow this cancer cure is everywhere, without proper testing to see if it won't kill us all.

    Surely people in say, remote - or even pretty populated - Africa etc could still be alive? And there's always at least one person who develops some sort of immunity to these things.

    If you can't choose both for some reason, then surely you're meant to sacrifice your last days with your family in the hopes of saving the world?

    Or at least to punish yourself for killing the whole world in the first place, find out what went wrong. I gave up and went to the park on the last day though.

    I kind of just stood around not doing anything all those other days anyway. You and your kid survive. Some say the daughter is dead but as someone else mentioned, her skin gets brighter.

    I worked every day but the day the co-worker committed suicide. When i went back to the game, refreshed, i wasn't in the park anymore ,and the trees seemed Maybe i did get the cure dispersed somehow?

    At least we didn't sit in that park forever. My wife died, I took my daughter to the park on the second to last day. She didn't feel good.

    She died. Last day I just sat on the park bench and died I'm a failure. For those of you got the happy ending, refresh the page and click the play button.

    The picture you see has changed. This may happen with all endings, but I am not sure. Molly's skin looks brighter in the "good" ending Not that this is terribly comforting I realize that suspension of disbelief is pretty heavy with this game, so I shouldn't apply real-world rules and moralizing, but It's like, every movie or book or game that opens with scientists finding a cure for cancer winds up with that cure being a plague that nearly kills everyone.

    Then again Guys there's one good ending and its like a really good one its where you skip work on one of the days and then work the rest and you get an ending where everyone is alive I've only heard about it though.

    It's not that he's aimlessly working or wanting to earn money instead of spending time with his family. Think about it, you can spend time with your family and die together, OR, go to work to find the cure and save the world, including your family.

    Obviously it's the second choice, you aren't doing them any good by staying home. I mean it's nice to be together during such a crisis and spend as much time together until the end of the world but sometimes you have to be logical as well.

    Remember: the goal is to find the cure and save the world, not staying at home and losing all hope and dying. While this game is certainly littered with bugs, it was my understanding that Molly appearing on your back when you went to work on the last day was not a glitch at all, but an intentional bit of sentimentality.

    Perhaps Dr. Pilgrim is losing his mind at this point? Either way, when I saw her there, it upset me Because it's lonely I went to work every day except the last day because I did'nt find a cure.

    On the last day me and molly were the only people left and we died together in the park. I almost cried on that last part, this game is so sad! I'm really starting to wonder what would've happened if I said yes to that woman at work who asked me to run off with her.

    I felt really gulity when I saw her at work dead and sorry written in blood on the walls. It really is a shame that there's no restart button.

    It's real obnoxious to read that some of you think it's "unfair that I can't play it again. I think most people are forgetting that if you refresh the game and hit play again, the entire park is green.

    I think that means that you did save the world I went to work, got drinks. Next day, went to work, watched a suicide, went home.

    Next day, went to work, came home to a dead wife in the bathtub. I take the daughter to work the following day, then go home.

    The last day i go to work the daughter dies in the lobby, and I die in the lab. Went to work the first day. Watched suicide on the second day.

    Third day I think I saw my boss on the roof then I went to work. Fourth day my colleagues were all outside my house and said they needed me but that I could stay with my family if I wanted.

    I went with them and came home to my dead wife. Fifth day Molly was in my room and asked where her mom was, then she crawled on my back and I left with her.

    I was given the option to take her to work or to the park. I took her to the park. I walked past the first screen of the park and the second screen looked like a blank canvas.

    If I walked off either edge I just disappeared without the screen changing but if I held the opposite arrow key I could walk back onto the screen again.

    After that nothing changed. I was stuck on the blank canvas screen. It might have been a glitch because when I refreshed the page I could play the game again.

    I was playing on Kongregate, if that makes a difference. First day went to work. Second day watched coworker commit suicide.

    Third day went back home. Fourth day cheated on wife with coworker. Went back home and wife was mad, she left me and took Molly with her to her mother's house.

    But fifth day, Jim tried to kill me and I defended. When I went back home, my wife and Molly were dead there. How is that possible?

    They left the house last day! I also 'cheated' to at least find a way so that my in game wife and child do not die not to the 'cure' anyway.

    I thought that I found a logical order to do things but I can't finish it because the game seems to become stuck. This is what I did:.

    Day 1: Work Day 2: Suicide Day 3: Talk to boss and go home wife didn't wanted me to go in the first place Day 4: Wife happy, colleagues are on to something, I go to work Evening: I return home, find everybody asleep and that's it.

    Can't do anything Played it trough to get the 'good' ending but on the last day I go to work to find Molly dead on the floor while ALSO carrying her on my back.

    I die alone when I start work Annoys me a bit that a game with such an emotional message and only a few places to visit contains so many atmosphere breaking bugs.

    Am I the only one that noticed that John never gives Molly the cure, and that she just sits there with her eyes closed afterward? I'm pretty sure that she died.

    John then took her to the park. Also explains why he never leaves the park; his mind is broken from all of the death. Just my two cents.

    Surprised nobody else thinks she's dead like me. They didn't spray everyone with it, as far as my interpretation goes.

    It's administered to patients via injection, as the picture in day 2's newspaper shows. However, it also apparently vaporizes at room temperature, and can be absorbed into the body in gaseous form.

    Granted, you have a point in that it should've been tested despite the suicide guy saying he'd run thousands of tests and found to be incredibly dangerous, but once it got out, I would think it would act much like it does.

    In killing, apparently the chemical still exists; it isn't used up. So once the cells are destroyed, it's free to re-enter the atmosphere and disperse further.

    Since almost? Basically, my point is that they didn't "spray everyone with or without consent," but that a few people were treated which ultimately caused the gas to spread.

    One More Chance Game One more chance - After you: wetternmagasinet.se: Musik. Produktbeschreibungen. Diana Ross - One More Chance - 7 Inch Vinyl (45). one more chance von The Notorious B.I.G. () (CD, Vinyl) und weitere The Notorious B.I.G. Alben jetzt bequem und günstig bestellen bei recordsale. Höre One More Chance gratis | Hörbuch von Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland, gelesen von Günter Merlau, Lisa Stark | 30 Tage kostenlos | Jetzt GRATIS das. One More Chance / Stay With Me Songtext von The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Faith Evans mit Lyrics, Once ya grin, I'm in game, begin. First I talk about how I.

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    Fan Werden. Hell, the rest of the album is filled with great music, especially from The Nice, Audience, Lindisfarne and Rare Bird. Antworten Mich bei Antworten benachrichtigen Helpful. Diese Website verwendet eigene Cookies und Cookies von Dritten um die Nutzung unseres Angebotes Casino Spiel Ohne Anmeldung Book Of Ra analysieren, dein Surferlebnis zu personalisieren und dir interessante Informationen zu präsentieren Erstellung von Nutzungsprofilen. The price of the singles with it on Full Tilt Casino Online extorionate, so this is the only way now I think. Links Facebook Twitter Molindo. Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript, um von allen Inhalten unserer Seite zu profitieren. Log dich ein um diese Funktion zu nutzen. Faith Evans. Jetzt Übersetzung hinzufügen. To change your preferred language, please choose a language using the dropdown. VinylLP, Compilation. Alben Notorious von The Notorious 123peppy. E-Mail Adresse. Jetzt Fan werden Log dich ein oder registriere dich kostenlos um diese Funktion zu nutzen. Scientist John Pilgrim and Casino Online Usa team have accidently created a pathogen that is killing all living cells on Earth. I don't think other parts of the game have singing bits. At first I thought that it was still a bad ending, since the guy and his daughter would be the only living things on the Sportwetten Gewinn, and they couldn't survive Wsop Main Event Players like that. There Qr Reader For Ipad seem to be a way to avoid this. Because I swear I clicked and pressed every button I can. The developer also made a sequel that was different if you had won the first game or died. Fan Werden. To change your preferred language, please choose a language using the dropdown. Greatest Hits von The Notorious B. An Paypal überweisen album - see if you can pick one up cheap and then chill out with some '70s rock greats! Jetzt Übersetzung hinzufügen. In addition, the single Online Kriegsspiele Archive have the "ah,ahhhh" vocals at 10 seconds but this one doesn't.

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    VinylLP, Compilation. I have to admit that I bought it for the Genesis non-album track 'Happy The Man' - where else are you going to get this track on vinyl? Website Penicilina. The price of the singles with it on are extorionate, so this is the Online Wedding Planning way now I think. Faith Evans. Rezension hinzufügen. To change your preferred language, please choose a language using the dropdown. One More Chance Game


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